‘Hand in hand’ ballet from China

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Couple with disabilities are silver medalists in Chinese national dance competition

On Youtube, a must-see performance that has gotten more than 4 million views so far. Text from the China Daily:

An unexpected pair of dazzling new stars rose from the CCTV [Chinese national television] Dance Contest. “Hand in Hand,” performed by disabled dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei, moved and inspired audiences with the performers’ dedication and talent.

Hand in Hand was the first entry from disabled dancers among the four contests to date. Both of the dancers had lost limbs in car accidents; Ma Li lost her right arm, and Zhai Xiaowei his left leg.

An interview with the performers, with English translation, is available here. Last year, it says, Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei were finalists among 7000 competitors in the 4th CCTV national dance competition. It is the first time a handicapped couple ever entered the competition. They won the Silver medal with the 99.17 high score and not to mention the highest audience popular votes.

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